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 This slim volume is partly a disclosure, partly a veil, and partly a revelation incorporating the poetic discovery of God as experienced by the living and the dying alike. Man knows nothing of death and love until he is clothed in such, yet God is always willing to facilitate the transport of life out of one and into the other. Amatoria is sublime in its obscuration. It has been well said that the devil led the author a little way farther up in the medulla of the brain. But it is enough to know that in the self-indulgent disorder of the 21st century God still kills the old way.


The emanations of First Cause or deity is contemplated, adored, and served by all the celestial hosts. Or perhaps that bright celestial jewel is the cause of madness, and we contemplate it as angels might contemplate that blissful appellation of ‘body’. Nevertheless, we mount up, the body unveils its glories, and some spiritual affinity reaches earth-life, and gives us the celestial sense of the word. This publication is possibly an appendix to Amatoria, as it contains the same activities to which the nervous system administers, and in which anything like a cure cannot be expected.

A tract concerning sex and phenomena, wherein is briefly discovered the original cause of all phenomena.

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