Natural Blood

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Titles taken from the book, Natural Blood.

“And like the slain that lie in the grass, being fallen asleep, accidentally disclose that they had borne children whose eyes never opened I would possess a lesser place, and drive out the air, and fall upon the motion of those things, which being alive, do leap with violence to their former figure and vanish without speaking. I would come to that substance whose nature it is to move, whose limbs should start spasmodically from the flourish of a whip after having been subject to snapping motions which resemble the bitings of a dog. And if the animal sleeps with it eyes and mouth half open, some evolution of transformed nebulae will favour a certain range of resolving powers natural to animal bodies, and so arranged that the access to air is limited, only so much as to possess the living principle. A very small quantity of blood will preserve this harmony a great deal more. Latent sympathies are aroused, and the mind takes cognisance of them. And being so carefully fastened up with clusters of velvet ribbon it gives a sudden jerk, by which the heart is erected and raises itself up into a point, and strikes the chest with more than normal force.” Natural Blood.